Prayer helps and God is listening. The Lord may respond with a "Word of Knowledge" and a confirmation that is relative to it. This may be a simple word, a phrase, image, name, movie, book or song title. These words help to guide, serve and protect us. Apply wat is useful and delete what is not. Finding connections to God may increase your experiences. (See "Stories"). We can find associations with words in Bible (or similiar words) and with symbols in Christian art, which there are many of in his Holy Catholic Church. (See Signs & Symblos In Christian Art). Jesus marks the spot! Seek to find your treasure.

Our mission is simple: To share the above insights with you.

We hope you will meditate on these ideas and that they will become a blessing in your life.


The following Youtube video explains and shares some examples of the asssociations of  "Words of Knowledge" and Symbols from Christian art as well as confirmations. Please click on the tab "Stories" for more examples. It also includes my songs, "I Whisperd Your Name" and "Ordinary Signs" from my album, "Simple Simon."


Note: There are links at the end of this Youtube video which are not  associated to nor endorsed by MarcosMusicMinistry.